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Analog active card from

December 22, 2014

Why ACTIVE? All of the cards available on the market are called PASSIVE or DUMB cards. The difference is that our card takes care of the majority of operation on board thus reducing the load on the CPU. Furthermore, our product is detected as a network card in both LinuxTM and WindowsTM systems. ...


$650.00 E1/T1 PRI Gateway (Enterprise)

This enterprise level gateway supports up to 60 simultaneous calls, has onboard DSP for Line Echo Cancellation and all codec transcoding licenses are included. Includes on board clock for synchronization. This unit will convert PRI lines to IP and vice versa. Can also handle fax through the opti...


$650.00 ISDN BRI Gateway (4 and 8 ports)

Available with 4 and 8 ports, this stand alone ISDN BRI gateway supports 2 simultaneous calls per span. Built in DSP based Line Echo cancellation guarantees highest voice quality. The gateway can be easily configured thanks to a user friendly web based user interface. Use this gateway to connect ...

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