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Fiber Optic Receivers (2)

low price leveling units

Wuxi Puxin is a machinery factory professionaly produce equipments making plates straigit, seitioning, cutting, as the units of correctiy even, longiludinally, cutting, shearing to slice, and the produce line of the corrceting even, the machine set of circle dish longituolinally cutting. Th...



IEC motors factory

Center height of frame: H355~H560mm Power range: 185kW~1600kW Rated voltage, frequency: 10000V, 6000V or 3000V, 50Hz (can be customized) Protection level: IP54 Thermal Class: 155 (F) Cooling: IC411 Y2 YX2 series high-pressure high-performance motor is a type of three phase Cage Asynchron...