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gel beads hot & cold compress pack Free Sample

Gel beads This kind of hot and cold packs have good performance therapy for pain, tension, body aches, swelling and bruises with nice appearance. This innovative gel beads can provide long-lasting cold relief and massage to your body. Furthermore, this pack with colorful beads and form-fitt...



Gas Combination Oven

Gas fryer A deep fryer (also known as a frier, deep fat fryer or fryolator) is a kitchen appliance used for deep frying. Modern fryers feature a basket to raise food clear of the oil when cooking is finished. Fryers often come with features such as timers with an audible alarm, and lower the ...



cheap 36 shower base

Milestone International was established in 2008 as one of the very few professional manufacturers and suppliers in China for stone bathroom and kitchen products, include sinks, wash basins, bathtubs, shower trays, countertops and vanity tops. Our own stone sink factories locate in Fujian and Shan Do...