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  • Member Since: May 27, 2015
  • Country: India
  • About: ALLO is a Canadian company established in Bangalore India for the past 8 years, where we design, develop and manufacture VOIP hardware such as Digital Telephony Cards, VOIP Gateways, Hybrid PBX systems (IP and PSTN), IP phones, ATAs, UTMs (Unified Threat Managers for Network Security) and SBCs (Session Border Controllers to protect Asterisk pbxs).

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GSM Card

May 27, 2015

Our ElastixTM approved GSM card works directly with DAHDI (no patch required) and it features the front SIM load mechanism for easy access after installation. The customer can also change the IMEI with a 3rd party software. Use this card with any Open Source platform to convert GSM calls to IP an...



BRI Card

May 27, 2015

Certified by ElastixTM, our BRI card uses the same CologneTM chipset as all the other manufacturers, yet costs less. It supports the EURO and US flavor ISDN (2B+D) circuits. Easy jumper settings allows for either ISDN lines or phones to be connected to the cards 2 or 4 ports. Key Features 64 ms ...




May 27, 2015

We guarantee that our card, working directly with our own DAHDI (no patch required), delivers the same sound quality and performance as the DigiumTM and SangomaTM cards while costing considerably less. PRI cards today became a commodity since all manufacturers use FPGAs and the same OctasicTM DSP f...




May 27, 2015

First of its kind in the industry, our card allows you to upgrade the firmware and unlock the number of ports which can be used on the card. The card is mounted with 2 ports by default. If you buy a 1 port card and later pay the upgrade, the second port will be unlocked. If you buy a 2 port...